Saturday, November 21, 2009

Halloween 2009

Some pictures of last Halloween, the 1st is a picture of my daughter with her creation :) We went to Michael's [my favorite store] for some Halloween crafting for the kids.....Isn't she cute!!!
Picture of my daughter and my nephews with their creations outside the crafting room at Michael's.
And all the kids with their costumes..except my niece who was afraid of her brother with the mask on :S
Love the cute little witch :)

By the way..that day I hit a car in the parking lot at the mall when I was backing up :(

Long time!!!

Wow..long time!!!
I finally had a chance to post something... here's a couple of things I did for Halloween... now I'm working on some small treats for people at my work...
I'm also excited to say I made a Scrapbook album for a friend's daughter I they loved's the first time someone asked me to do some crafting for them.... now she asked me one for her father...I'm so happy :)
We'll, I just wanted to say HI... and will need to work on posting more often...Thanks for stopping by!