Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monkey purse

I love how this purse came out!!! One of my BFF's birthday is on May 5th and she loves monkeys, so I thought of a swinging monkey. Didn't know if to add it to a card, but I thought it would look better in a pretty small purse...Now to see what can I put inside for her gift, mmmm maybe a small perfume and a small card.. I'll post it once I make it this weekend :)

See it in action...Swinging Monkey!!!

I'm so proud of my little project, I'm gonna submit my project to Made by Momo [awesome and inspiring lady] ...her challenge was to make something with and here we go...going to her blog to add my project :)


  1. Irene this little purse makes me smile soo much! It is absolutely AWESOME!!! I am so glad this is your very first challenge and I am a part of it! Thanks for joining me and Your work is beautiful! XOXO Momo

  2. WOW U just made the cutest little purse ever this is Precious!!

  3. Thanks all for the lovely comments, I'm so happy with all your kind words :)

  4. OMG! this is sooooooooooo cute; I love the swinging monkey.