Sunday, June 27, 2010

Purses and my prizes

Hello :)
Want to share a little something I did as welcome for my Grandma, aunt and her 2 daughters 's [my cousins] when they came to visit us for my daughters 4th birthday party!
4 purses were made with cartridge "Forever young ", used my handmade lollipop flowers [they are really addicting once you made the first one LOL]. Inside each little purse is either a hand lotion or a pocket antibacterial.

And this is what I got from Momo's giveaway for NSD 2010 [I know long time and I'm posting this :( ]....This is the very first time I win something, trust me, I just don't have luck in drawings, but broke the spell LOL and thanks to Momo, I won!
Thanks for stopping by and I will post more stuff and more often...had trouble with my internet connection and a week before that I had family over, so..had to get every minute to spend with my family form Houston, TX... Miss them a lot :(

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