Monday, July 12, 2010

Great day!!!!

Hey! Wanted to share this awesome rack I received from MOMO! I can't believe it...I'm so thankful for this, I really am...and not to mention happy... but I'm wondering if Momo send the package to the right person, in the back of the mailing envelope I just saw that says Mary NSC...mmm????


  1. Oh my!!! She emailed me a few days ago that she never got her giveaway! I am preparing one for her as I thought it got lost. I am glad it ended up with you though! Enjoy it!!! XOXO Momo

  2. O WOW It sure looks nice.. I would have been so HAPPY!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I will LOVE to see what U make with it Please..

  3. :( Sorry Mary it came my way and you didn't get the pack..I was real happy when I saw it, took the pictures and all, and when I was posting this I turned the envelope and saw MaryNSC..then I started to worry, now I feel was for you :( SOrry