Saturday, August 14, 2010

31 now....

I finally have my Pink ATG Gun! Upps, it's called Advanced Tape Glider :)
It's Pink and it's an ATG Gun and some % goes to the Susan G. Komen association for Breast Cancer...
I got it for my birthday, [Thanks to DH], although I had to go get it because my DH didn't know how it was, what it was, how it work, or I went to M's and it was there, waiting just for me LOL
Great birthday present!

I had tons of fun for my birthday, people at work [specially my friends]...celebrated with me during lunch and at night we had dinner at my house also...So, that means I'm 31 years now...wooo time sure flies :(

So, thanks for stopping by and will post a project of a card I did for one of the girls who used to work with me and that her birthday was also the same week as mine.

And play with my new toy :)

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