Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas shopping and men :)

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas…
Today I did a little (Mjjmm) shopping and I was amazed to see men don't understand us woman on our Christmas shopping! LOL This is what I heard and saw in a couple of stores:

  • @ Michaels'  - A lady tells her husband, "Ohhh look at that cute wreath! "And he answers…"Well I bet is expensive, what do you need it for?"
  • @ Walmart -  A young lady tells her boyfriend (or husband) "Stop making me those faces and pushing me with the shopping cart, I still have a lot of stuff I need to see!"
  • @ Hobby Lobby - A woman tells her husband, "What color combination should I use this year for our Christmas tree? This one or this one?", The husband replies, "They look the same to me" 
Why isn't our Christmas, crafting spirit by men understood?
 So this year, as there are Bridezillas before weddings, I'm saying that men turn into Shopzillas or Grinchzillas starting on November … LOL what do you think? #Shopzillas or #Grinchzillas?

Ahhh such fun seasons… By the way, I'm listening to #MichaelBublĂ©Christmas  making Christmas crafts :) 

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